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-- Remembering Rosa Parks --


Inspiration in third grade

 -- By Zach Brokenrope

Sitting in Rosa Parks' seat on The Bus

 -- By Tara Brooke Stacey

Her legacy makes the Motor City proud

 -- By Liane Harder

We are all Rosa Parks

 -- By Michel Lee

Justin Skaradosky/The Tattoo

Teachers find rewards in El Salvador

Expecting a rural, underdeveloped nation when they came to El Salvador to teach, several English-speaking foreigners learned a lesson of their own – that the Central American nation is a vibrant country full of friendly people and eager students.

Teaching immerses foreigners – mostly from the United States, but also from Britain, Canada and Australia – into the Salvadoran culture. For some of them, it’s a place they choose to call home.

 – By Oscar Ramirez


- senior journal -


During senior year it seems like a great to-do list forms that includes all the step-by-step procedures we need to complete in order to get our diploma, get into college, and not be total failures in life.

Piles of homework from AP classes, college applications and essays, sports, and long work hours – most often from grueling minimum wage jobs – are just a few items on the list that seems to grow by the day.

– By Stefan Koski

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