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Principal: students are 'pigs'

Bristol Eastern High School Principal Everett Lyons recently compared the student body to a bunch of dirty pigs who should eat out of troughs and threatened to cut off the "daily quota" of the school's mass supply of french fries. Click here for story

  Christmas Presence

Joe Keo/The Tattoo

For teen mom, holiday not an easy time

For many people, the holiday season is the best time of year. It means heaps of presents, free time and dinners that will give way to leftovers until February. But did you ever imagine what it's like to take a walk in someone else's Christmas stockings?

Chrissie is a teenage girl with a 19-month-old baby to support. It's not always easy, she explained recently. But to make matters worse, her mother -- who's been supporting her financially -- has just lost her job. Hopefully, said Chrissie, her mother will find another position soon. "In the meantime, we'll just have to limit off what we have," she said. Click here for story

Bristol teen is homeless for the holidays

Christmas. A time to sit by the fire, play in the snow, and listen to carolers passing by. Well, not many carolers are likely to stop by the homeless shelter this season.

Jill is only 17 years old, but has been faced with more challenges than many people do in their entire lives. Sheís lived with mother and younger sister since her early childhood. It was always a struggle to make ends meet, but a short time ago, things took a turn for the worse. Jill and her family were evicted from their apartment -- they were $250 short of paying their rent. Click here for story

Drive starts to help struggling teens

Today marks the start of a new holiday fund-raising drive aimed at raising money and goods to help out struggling teens in Bristol. Sponsored by The Tattoo, the teen journalism group whose work appears in The Bristol Press, the goal of the drive is to bring some extra Christmas cheer into young lives that too often fall through charitiesí cracks. For the drive, Tattoo writers interviewed five teens pinpointed by The Family Center and the St. Vincent DePaul Society, which runs the homeless shelter. Click here for story

  Sports Column

College hoops: a season of upsets

Itís the beginning of the college basketball season and for those die hard college b-ball fans it is a new year for their teams. Anything can happen in college athletics -- thatís what makes them so fun and unique. Weíve already had indications that this college basketball season is going to be like no other. Click here for story

  Video Games

Xbox could topple PS2

Sony's Playstation 2 has been a hit for the video game universe. In the 20 months itís been out, 20 million people have bought one. With its amazing graphics, DVD and music CD capabilities and sleek style, itís taken the breath away from many game addicts. But two challengers stepped into the ring last month: Microsoft's Xbox and Nintendo's GameCube. Both had gamers screaming and cheering, but will that enthusiasm last? Click here for story

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