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Hurricane Katrina

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Volume 17, No. 8 - January 3, 2011

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King Tut wows visitors in golden New York show

By Mary Majerus-Collins, Luke Pearson and Kiernan Majerus-Collins in NEW YORK CITY –  King Tut, the boy king who became the face of ancient Egypt, could easily have become a mere footprint in time rather than one of the most famous names in history. Read whole story

King Tut doesn't rule over today's Egyptians

By Jessica Elsayed in ALEXANDRIA, EGYPT –  It is quite the surprise for people living outside Egypt to find that Egyptians have no interest in their ancient history. Read whole story

Across the ages, King Tut still stuns

By Alma Macbride in NEW YORK CITY – What struck me the most was the impeccable preservation of each of King Tut's relics. Even the wooden figurines were intact after over 3,000 years. Read whole story


  Read Samantha Perez's stunning journal of hope and survival during America's worst natural disaster.

New Year's bombing brings terror, sorrow to Egypt

By Jessica Elsayed in ALEXANDRIA, Egypt – As people all over the world rang in the New Year to music and celebrations, my city rang it in to screaming and a terrible explosion.

About 12:20 a.m., just as Egypt’s Christians were exiting a midnight Mass at The Saints Church, a famous Alexandrian Coptic church, a bomb exploded, killing 21 people and injuring more than 90.

The peaceful city of Alexandria is not acquainted to this kind of violence and chaos, especially between Christians and Muslims.  Read whole story


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Young writers, photographers, cartoonists and other journalists are encouraged to join YJI now and add your name to the high-achieving teens across the globe who belong. It is free to participate. Please see for more information.




Among the many wonderful things that have appeared on Youth Journalism International's blog recently are Robert Guthrie's pictures of the snow in Scotland. Check out this and much more at, updated daily.



Black Swan no ugly duckling

By Vipasha Shaikh in TORONTO, Canada – Black Swan is ultimately about arrested development and mental illness. Nina Sayers – played to perfection by Natalie Portman – is a ballerina who still lives with her mother as if she were a little girl.  Read whole story

The Tourist takes a disappointing trip to Venice

By Eugenia Durante in Roohani Deshpande in GENOA, Italy, India -- Is there anything better than sitting in a comfortable cinema seat with popcorn in your hands while outside it is cold and stormy?  Read whole story


Narnia's Dawn Treader offers viewers emotion-packed voyage

By Evangeline Han in MELAKA, Malaysia -- Narnia films just get better and better. Read whole story



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