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The Tattoo goes to camp

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 Camp in the Alps

Huskies, snow angels in July, and a train wreck in the Alps

On a muggy day last summer, a rather odd-looking group gathered to check in at London’s Heathrow airport. All in blue, wearing conspicuous red, white and blue neckties, we were a gaggle of 24 of the Senior Section of Girlguiding UK. We were headed to a hostel in Switzerland.  Click here for story


Jen Plonski/The Tattoo

 Cheerleading camp

More than flirts in skirts

Every summer millions of kids go to camp. From sports to religion, there’s pretty much a camp for anything you want — including cheerleading. Many people think cheerleading doesn’t take much effort. It’s just a bunch of girls jumping around and screaming, right? Wrong! Cheerleading is one of the hardest sports known to man. You need stamina, discipline, dedication, teamwork, strength and desire, not to mention a lot of money, because cheerleading can get pretty expensive.  Click here for story

 Volleyball camp

Chasing UConn women and other volleyball camp charades

For four full days after it ended, every time I walked up stairs or lifted my right arm, I was painfully reminded of my four days at volleyball camp at the University of Connecticut. Click here for story

 Camp counselor

Me, a camp counselor?

If you think baby-sitting your booger-breath little brother is bad, then try being a camp counselor for a month at a blazing hot day camp. Click here for story



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