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VOLUME 15, NUMBER 7 -- November 3, 2008

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Teens at a Hartford rally for Barack Obama: (left to right) Abigail Oliveras, Devin Smith, Theresa Govert, Amanda Smith, all from East Haddam, Conn.

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-- Opinion --

The choice: McCain or Obama?

Katie Grosser (Germany): Generally, I would say I am interested in politics. As a young American living abroad in Germany, I want our country to be led by people who know what they are doing.

Id like these people to somehow find a way to end the financial crisis. Id like them to improve Americas image oversees. Id like them to finish the job in Afghanistan and Iraq properly. Id like them to take global warming seriously and finally sign the Kyoto Protocol and I would love them to be able to handle a crisis as well as Bill Pullman in Independence Day, or Harrison Ford in Air Force One.

So when I received my absentee ballot, I went over everything I know about John McCain and Barack Obama and realized that, truth be told, it was not much.  Full Article

Mary Majerus-Collins/


-- Opinion --

'Yes we can'


Eugenia Durante (Italy): Ive been asking my friends about the U.S. presidential election for ages, and all this time, theyve given just one name as an answer: Barack Obama.  Full Article


-- Opinion --

Young voters need a lesson on the candidates


Sarah Heath (Tennessee, USA): This is an election that will go down in American history. If U.S. Senator Barack Obama wins, he will become the first African American president, and if Senator John McCain wins, his running mate Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin will become the first woman vice-president. Full Article


-- Opinion --

Careful with that vote!

Brice Birdsall (Oregon, USA): How do you make the right choice when selecting a presidential candidate to control your life for the next four years?

You could listen to the debates or compare your values, but for me, it is so much more than politics. Full Article


- Opinion --

Politics - Nothing and everything about color?

Rebecca Baylis (Australia): Today, as I was listening to the radio on the way to my morning lecture, I heard of the latest plan to take the life of Barack Obama in his final week of campaigning for the U.S. presidency.

You may ask why a 19-year-old Australian would care about the forerunner in this American election. Why should I care? Why should I take such an interest in the possible assassination of the presidential hopeful?

Why should I be concerned with who the next person is to claim possession of the White House?

Well, its simple, really. The history of the United States of America is the history of us all. Full Article

-- News --

Jamaican teens support Obama


Tamari Miller and Jason Lofters (Jamaica) : As the U.S. presidential election comes to a head, there is excitement stirring among many young Jamaicans over the prospect of a victory by Sen. Barack Obama.

Click Here

In recent interviews, teenagers in the Jamaican parishes of Clarendon, St. Mary and St. Catherine in essence expressed the same views.

Quite a few Jamaican teenagers are buying into Obamas message of change.

Tuesday, United States voters will decide who they want to lead them out of their crises and into the prosperity the future holds.

Jamaicans may not have a say in their decision but they surely will be affected by it. Whatever the results though, many teenagers in Jamaicans support Obama.

Anthony Hooper, 16, of Clarendon, emphatically said Obama will win the election on Tuesday.

If Obama wins, it would prove that the world has finally moved past racial segregation, said Hooper, an 11th grade student at Cornwall College High School.  Full Article

-- Opinion --

The Oprah vote

Alex Patrikios (Australia): It's been a campaign season of teenage pregnancies, Oprah, a plumber named Joe (who isnt even a plumber), dancing competitions on Ellen, beige pantsuits, Colin Powell crossing-but-not-really-crossing the floor, a pro-drilling beauty queen, fundamentalist Christian rants and hefty haute couture bills.

Some people like watching cricket or tennis, but to me, American politics is the very best kind of spectator sport.Full Article


-- Opinion --

For peace and stability, choose Obama

Edrees Kakar (Afghanistan): Although I have the solid belief that politics are always unpredictable and politicians often unbelievable, when there are choices on the table, it is still possible to differentiate between candidates and pick the best one.

Since the United States of America is one of the biggest nations in the world, with economic and political dominance all around the globe, people everywhere are watching its upcoming presidential election with interest. Full Article


-- Opinion --

U.S. election will be felt as far away as South Africa


Mariechen Puchert (South Africa): You would think that with our own presidential elections looming, South Africans would be to busy to occupy themselves with the goings-on of the American presidential elections. It turns out you would be wrong. Full Article


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