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VOLUME 14, NUMBER 1 -- September 3, 2007

Insider's Guide to High School - 2007

 SURF’S UP – Frances Salaveria, 15, of Stanhope, New Jersey, and Greg Weiss, 15, of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, both incoming sophomores at Blair Academy, jumping at the beach in Belmar, New Jersey, last December. Photo by Kathryn Middleton/ The Tattoo






 To get the most out of high school, crack your shell


By Kathryn Middleton

If you’re an incoming freshman, you’ve heard about high school for most of your life, with ‘cliques’ like the jocks, nerds, band geeks, cheerleaders, preps and Goths.  But is that actually what high school like? In most cases, it's not. more  



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Freshman primer: Juggling your GPA and avoiding cliques while pursuing your passions – and your love interest

FREMONT, California - Congratulations! You, a freshman, are about to embark on a four-year journey through high school. You know you’re going in for an experience of a lifetime.  more -- Caroline Liu

TEAMMATES – Students Caroline Liu, 16, Danielle Fong, 16, Lauren Cruz, 17, and Coach A.J. Numazu from the American High School in Fremont, California take part in track and field. Tattoo photo.





  Want friends? Try sports!



Justin Skaradosky/ The Tattoo


 Hey Sis, which way to my locker?

By Rachel Glogowski

For most upperclassmen, this school year is bound to be similar to the last. By now, you should have a handle on the whole high school thing. You know how much homework to expect, and have gotten to know at least a handful of teachers. ... But for some of us, this year will be different in one major way – our little brother or sister will be will be joining us in that ocean of people that we all know as high school.  more

By Julia Reichard/ The Tattoo

  Find your passion, and follow it

By Justin Skaradkosky/ The Tattoo



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