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VOLUME 14, NUMBER 4 -- February 4, 2008

Bhutto's murder

Burning cars and empty streets

    After my grandfather and uncle came to get me, as we drove back home, I saw several cars burning. The streets, which were usually jam-packed with traffic, were empty. Patrol stations and grocery stores which guaranteed 24-hour service were closed.

  – By Sana Ali

Bhutto's death increases tension in Afghanistan, too

     The assassination of Benazir Bhutto is a loss for her homeland of Pakistan, but also for neighboring countries and the world.

     Bhutto was such a familiar personality in many countries and also such a talented woman that people are feeling pain over her death.

     Twice the prime minister of Pakistan, one of the world’s most populous countries, Bhutto led a life filled with bravery.

     Her death at the hands of an assassin on December 27 was a big blow to politics in the region, as the uproar also impacted neighboring Afghanistan.

  – By Edrees Kakar

Bush may have set the stage for future GOP success

    In his final State of the Union address, it seemed Bush loosened his death-grip on many of the policies which had remained painfully consistent throughout his tenure in office, perhaps attempting to salvage a legacy before he leaves office next January.

  – By Daniel Lee

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Hillary or Obama?

Hillary Clinton addressing a crowd in Hartford. Tattoo photo.

Hillary in Hartford

A relieved Hillary Clinton told a Connecticut crowd that Monday would be a red letter night in American history because President George W. Bush would give his last State of the Union address.   – By Rachel Glogowski

An inspiring new era ahead?

After listening to New York Sen. Hillary Clinton speak at her school, 15-year-old Rayne McGlamery decided that she, too, would like to lead the country.

“It was very inspirational,” said McGlamery. “It made me want to run for president.”     – By Rachel Glogowski

Barack Obama addressing supporters in Hartford. Tattoo photo

Obama: 'We can't afford to wait'

If his resonating smile, catchy name, and loyal followers are any indication, Barack Obama could well find himself in the White House next year. Obama told a relatively young, but racially diverse crowd night at Hartford’s XL Center, “I’m tired of the politics of fear. I want to bring the politics of hope.”

– By Beth Pond

Young people rally to Obama

Brittany Lightbody stood shivering in the New England cold Monday, waiting in line to see Illinois Sen. Barack Obama. Lightbody, 17 and a senior at East Hartford High School, said she only put up with the cold because of her support for Obama, who is in a tight race for the Democratic nomination for president.

Obama draws a crowd

Surrounded by thousands of supporters and admirers, Senator Barack Obama stopped in Connecticut’s capital Monday evening to deliver one of his last speeches before “Super Tuesday’s” critical slew of Democratic primaries.

– By Wesley Saxena

On the scene at an Obama rally

By mid-afternoon, a long line of Barack Obama supporters stretched over several city blocks from the Hartford Civic Center as adults and children alike stood in the frigid Connecticut  air, patiently waiting for their candidate’s words of warmth.

– By Wesley Saxena

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