The Tattoo

--- Making a Permanent Impression Since 1994 ---

Vol. 1, No. 5

College choices consuming

What school do you want to go to? It sounds like an innocent question, right? But when you're a confused high school junior, the question takes on a whole new meaning. By Casey DiBella. Click here for story 

Speeding bus reveals truth Click here for story (incomplete)

Is that really coffee?

Parents, if you're thinking 'my child is an angel and would never do anything wrong,' well, think again. A vast majority of kids who drink, smoke or use drugs are very successful at keeping their parents in the dark about their 'experiments.' By Devin Kingsbury. Click here for story

Frayed fashion: dressing to the beat

Today's teens dress in all different ways, but the majority of kids dress according to the groups they hang around with, things they do and music they listen to. The rest dress however they feel, a certain way this day, and the next day a totally opposite way. By Mike Kelley. Click here for story

Bristol is one boring town 

A dastardly disease has descended upon the youth of Bristol. There is no vaccine for it, no cure but time. Click here for story 

Tattoo staff: Front: Mike Kelley; Rear (L to R) Casey DiBella, Rachel Jennings, Devin Kingsbury, Jill Synnott, Tracey Klimkoski and Jenny Jenkins.