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-- Insider's Guide to High School --

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Join in, but be yourself

“Get involved!” said the counselors.

“Get involved!” said my parents.

“Get involved,” said the public service announcement in the middle of my favorite TV show, proving to me that there was no escaping participation. – By Molly Horan

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Use care in building your high school resume

I used to think that as long as I had good grades, I should not worry about anything else regarding high-school.

Well, let me tell to you how wrong I was. – By Oscar Ramirez


Insider's Guide to High School




Make the most of your junior year

Did you let your early high school years slip through your fingers? It’s not too late to turn it all around. Junior year in high school can change the outcome of the rest of your life.

For most kids coming into high school these days, education isn’t the main concern. Freshmen in high school tend to devote their time to social interaction and popularity. Who can blame them? Status is what makes the world. – By Amy Gordon

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Being the same is oh, so lame

“Stand Out to Fit In” was the title of last year’s yearbook at my high school in Michigan.

As much as us journalism kids hate the yearbook kids, I have to admit it was sort of a good theme.

Although standing out won’t exactly help you to fit in, who wants to fit in anyway? – By Liane Harder


The 2005

Insider's Guide to High School

See the entire Insider's Guide to High School


Don't abuse your freedom

The countdown that counts has just started – it’s back to school time, unfortunately, for most of us.

Let me be honest, gearing up for school ain’t my most favorite hobby, and probably not yours either, but it’s nonetheless very important in order to get through your freshman year, particularly since you’ll be attending high school for the first time.

I can even hear you ask, “What the heck does she mean with gearing up?”

Well, I can reassure you that my version is not your parents’ one – if that’s any comfort. Yes, yes, no studying and you gear up just the same, perhaps better, too.   – Maressa Zahra

Read just for fun

Yesterday, I attended a matinee at a theatre in Villette, France. After enjoying a fantastic operatic performance, I journeyed to China in less than three and a half minutes and stood in the court of a wealthy businessman.

I had just witnessed the birth of a First Lady when my mom knocked on the door and asked me to go to sleep. – By Michel Lee




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