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Terryville High classes shedding students

The number of students who start freshman year at Terryville High School and the number of students who show up for graduation differ greatly. Some, including the class of 2004, lose as much as 30 percent of their students. Where are they going?  Click here for story


By Danielle Letourneau/ The Tattoo

 Personal Essay

Young love at Christmas

My boyfriend grew up in a small home where holidays weren’t anything big. Christmas was never special, and the sight of December just made him realize that another year had passed. But this year, I invited him over for Christmas. Click here for story

 Music review

Giving rock a Velvet touch

In early June of 2003 the music charts were as usual full of hip hop and R&B music. But, to everyone’s surprise, a band arose called Velvet Revolver. Rock was back in the Top 10. Click here for story

 Senior Journal

Picking the perfect prank

As a senior, I am part of a team that will make an effort to be remembered forever, to leave a lasting mark, an impression to all those who come after us. Our mission is to let it be known to the whole school just exactly who we are and where we stand. This includes performing our senior prank. O, what glory is retained within those words! Click here for story


Teachers make or break us

ITeachers can open doors, or close them. Some teachers abuse their power, using it to hurt their students, and there is only one name for those teachers: bullies. Click here for story


By Tyler Wentland/ The Tattoo



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