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Vol. 7, No. 6

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The Buzz on the X Trials at Lake Compounce

"It's all so cool. I can't wait to go, especially because it's free." - Matt Herens

"I've seen things like that on TV and can't wait to see it for real." - Andrea Albert

"Girl, I don't know nothing about the X Games. I'm not really into that kind of stuff." - Lauren Barnard

"I like the Disney movie Brink. I think it's really cool even though I could never do it." - Hannah Clifton

"The X Games are cool." - Kurt Galvan

"I was never interested in skateboarding and Rollerblading." - Emily Mensel

"The X Games are cool. I own a skateboard and they are my heroes." - Tomek Furtak

"I think they're pretty exciting. They have a high element of risk." - Mary Hyde, teacher

"A waste of time. I don't like seeing people thrown up in the air." - Hannah Furey

"I think it's an honor to have such a big sports tournament come to our city." - Lindsey McDowell

"It's good and has good sport." - Lisa Albert

"I don't even know what the X Games are." - Patrick Mellon

"I think it would be a good idea because ESPN is near Lake Compounce. It's fun and people should go watch it to do something different." - Rebecca Wilk

"It's OK. Yes, I would go see it. It sounds like fun." - Mary Pelletier

"I love the X Games! I think it's a great idea to have it at Lake Compounce so I can go and see it. I love to Rollerblade." - Sam Guenther

"I didn't hear about that." - Sarah Schilling

"It's all right. It's another thing for kids to do." - Chantal Gauvin

"Just great that ESPN is in Bristol ... and is bringing one of their events home." - John Krampitz, history teacher

"It's a great idea. It'll influence more kids to go Rollerblading." - Garrett Lavertu

"I just want to go." - Chris Knibbs

"They're cool. We need a skate park in Bristol." -- Kenny Bujak

Bristol Eastern High School student James Gilbert practicing his BMX biking at CT Bike in Bristol recently.

Photo by: Mike Nguyen/The Tattoo

ESPN comes home for the X Trials

By Mike Nguyen

Sun, skates, and a whole lot of teenagers are expected to attend the exciting and gravity-defying X Trials this summer, coming this year to Grand Prairie, Texas and ESPN's home sweet home: Bristol, Conn.

And what better place to throw a Generation X event than Lake Compounce, the oldest running theme park in the nation?

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Gotta love those blades, bikes and boards

By Sara Greene

With the X Trials competition at Lake Compounce zooming up faster than a skater on wheels, the excitement in the area is growing.

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-- Opinion --

Teens need nurturing, guidance -- not guns

By Kaishi Lee

America should ban guns in all 50 states....Innocent lives are endangered.  

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-- Opinion --

The Prom: outdated and overrated

By Sarah Jordan

It’s the middle of the crunch at the end of the school year, but nobody is talking about school work, which classes they’re flunking or which teachers they hate.

The topics of today’s lunchroom chats are all centered on dresses and dates. It’s that time again: the Prom is just around the corner.

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