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-- Sophomore chronicles --

When death strikes a boy of 16

It’s 1 a.m. and I’m running down the street. The night is silent and crisp, and only the sound of my breathing and the crunch of leaves beneath my Doc Martens fills the air.

Sweat rolls in streams from my temple and into my eyes, even though it’s October and freezing outside. My side aches and I can’t run anymore, so I stop at a corner, sit down on the sidewalk and pull my legs to my chest.

I don’t want to go home.

I can’t go home.

A gust of wind rushes through; an October wind, painful and cruel. The tree branches sway and a group of leaves move and dance in a circle with the wind nearby. I tilt my head upwards to the stars, to God, maybe to no one.

“Sixteen,” I say somberly. “He was sixteen, damn it!”

 -- By Zach Brokenrope


-- Journals --

Lonely at the top

-- By Elizabeth Walle

I'm paying the piper after a year of play

-- By Niamh Ni Mhaoileoin 

Senior year: the promise vs the reality

-- By Liane Harder


Wilma's fierce winds whack Florida

The evening before Hurricane Wilma struck Florida recently, someone spray painted “Wilma, Go Back to Bedrock” on a storefront window in Port St. Lucie.

 By Eric Simmons

Diwali, Hindu festival of lights, brings joy

Hindus all across the globe wait anxiously each year for Diwali, the festival of lights that marks the victory of good over evil.

We celebrate it with much fanfare and grandeur, as Diwali, even in modern times, reflects the glories of Indian culture.

Preparations for the holiday start well in advance, with the cleaning and renovating of the entire house. People shop for clothes and jewelry, sending retails sales of those items soaring.

But sweets are even more in demand.

During Diwali, the sales of sweets skyrockets. It is mandatory for people to go to their relatives’ houses with sweets on this special day.

Sweetshops remain open until midnight. People do not mind spending a few bucks and indulging in these sweet sins!

– By Nikita Modi

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