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Will Bristol Eastern pass the test?

Ten years have passed. It’s now judgment day for Bristol Eastern High School as regional experts sweep in to see if the school should remain accredited.  Click here for story

 Daily Sketch


Joe Keo/The Tattoo

 Burlington News

Hypnotist mesmerizes teens

“I won’t make you act like a chicken or a dog,” hypnotist Dan LaRosa promised the two dozen volunteers that he called onto the stage. “I won’t make you tell your deepest, darkest secrets either.”  Click here for story

 Sports Column

Mets have new look and visions of Series

Will the “New-Look” Mets live up to the expectations of fans and journalists? They should be able to shine with one of the best defensive infields in baseball (Alfonzo, Alomar, Vaughn, and Ordonez), a lot of power in the lineup and quality pitching. Click here for story


The grass is greener ... on the golf course

The city’s reservoirs are half empty and people are already talking about big summertime restrictions so that we don’t run out of water for drinking, bathing and other necessities. Why should stupid golf courses water their lawns when nobody else can? Click here for story