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Reporting from the war in Iraq

When Toronto Globe and Mail reporter Stephanie Nolen arrived in Iraq before the American invasion, a bleak situation greeted her. "All we could do was sit and wait" for the shooting to start, said the foreign affairs journalist. Click here for story

 Daily Sketch

Joe Keo/The Tattoo

 Senior journal

Senioritis strikes

Forget SARS. Senioritis is killing us seniors and the epidemic is only getting worse as the days dwindle down. Click here for story


Singapore teen faces SARS fears

On the train home one day, I sneezed and a man sitting beside me immediately sprang up from his seat and ran to the other end of the cabin. Click here for story


Finding warmth, fun in 'Nemo'

Pixar's latest creation, "Finding Nemo," is a great catch.  Click here for story

Doin' Dad's Day right

So it's Father's Day weekend yet again, and nowhere is Father's Day more richly celebrated than at my house. Every year, we spend all of a grueling 16 seconds deciding what to get Dad for his day of his days. Click here for story



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