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 High School Guide

By Joe Keo/ The Tattoo

A fond farewell to summer

As the days start to get shorter, it becomes obvious that another summer is coming to an end. That means no more midnight campfires with friends, nomore warm, sandy, crystal-clear blue water beaches or concerts featuring the latest hip-hop, pop or R&B favorites. Every darkening leaf carries your lost spirit as you realize the two summer reading list books you ignored all summer long still need to be read. Click here for story

Back to school ads are surreal

It's that time of year again, and back to school sales are more plentiful than the wads of chewed gum stuck under your desk. There are plenty of great deals to be found in catalogues, newspaper inserts, and practically everywhere else. If you need a combination lock, head over to Office Max, where you can buy one and get another free. Now you can forget two combinations for the price of one!  Click here for story

Tooting their horns for the love of  band

As the glorious days of summer come to a close, students in Bristol rush to buy school supplies and compare schedules as the school year gets underway. Many of them are also busy with one of the most rewarding — and fun — high school activities: band. Click here for story

 Senior Journals

Twelfth year: a senior saga

By Katie Jordan/ The Tattoo

Lynn Renee Richter:  Nine months and five days. That is all that stands between me and freedom from the world of high school. Soon, I will be finished with Abercrombie-land for good, and believe me, I am thrilled. Click here for story

Mike Nguyen: For months, I dreamed of pulling up effortlessly into the school parking lot on the first day of school in my shiny new car, with excited eyes gawking at me, wondering who the mysterious driver was. As I opened the door and stepped out with my brand-new white sneakers, people would realize that it was me, and they’d be ashamed of not contacting me over the summer. Click here for story

The Tattoo's Insider's Guide to High School