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November 4, 1996


Dole is wrong for America

By Dennis Flesch
Tattoo Staff Writer

While debating in Hartford, presidential candidate Bob Dole
took an opportunity to criticize the president on his highly
liberal views. Dole called Bill Clinton  "a liberalíí and questioned
some of the presidentís decisions.

In Clintonís rebuttal, he did everything to defend himself, 
ultimately denying that he was any kind of a hard-core liberal.
One would have expected the president to return the favor
and lash his foeís highly conservative views.

Clinton, though, never called Dole a conservative with the
same scorn and contempt that he was tagged a "liberal."

Well, I am taking the initiative that Clinton neglected.

Dole is a conservative in every sense of the word, and that is
not necessarily a good thing.

If elected, the Republican is proposing an across-the-board
15 percent tax cut that many people, including Clinton, say is
unrealistic. In one estimate, the cut would cost the federal
government $515 billion - and yet Dole vows to balance the
budget quicker than Clinton.

So how is Dole going to pay for this 15 percent? The answer is
by cutting all the governmentís "liberal programs."

On the night of the debate, Dole said it was time the government
started "pinching pennies." Thatís how Dole plans to get the
funds for his big tax cut.

The idea of pinching pennies implies getting rid of things that
donít have to exist, in effect getting rid of waste. But the
programs Dole believes are wasteful are Medicare, Medicaid
and the Education department.

So rather than cut the truly superfluous costs in government,
Dole will practically eliminate the programs that allow single-
income families to sleep at night, and give some of the less 
fortunate students a better education.

His views reflect his conservative status - which is why Clinton
would have made a strong point by returning Doleís comment
with one equal and opposite.

Dole has yet to give a detailed outline of where he plans to
"pinch pennies" because if he did he would meet with such
great opposition that his place in the polls would drop below
that of Ross Perot  - and then some.

Doleís campaign slogan is that he trust the people. But can
we trust Bob Dole?

If he acts with such utter deception, trying to fool the people
by being vague and general, we canít.

The meaning of Doleís promise to trust the people is open to
interpretation. Does Dole trust that people will be able to
survive without proper medical attention? Does he trust that
we will be able to maintain the same level of education if he
axes the government department that upholds educational

The problem here is that he does.

As a conservative, he believes people should be able to get
along without interference from government.

Though Dole said he would "reform" programs, he is trying to
deceive the people. The fact is that extreme cuts in Medicare,
Medicaid and Social Security are virtually necessary in order
to give the public a 15 percent tax cut.

Dole is making a lot of people nervous and canít morally fill
Clintonís shoes as president. Our fellow poor and middle
class Americans simply donít deserve him.