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June 16, 2001

The competition on Day 2 of the X Trials

By Mike Nguyen

Well, this was the big day today, as three Finals events took place before the 8 1/2 hour day was over.

And today on Day 2, The Tattoo falls short on every prediction.

Oh well, at least we didn't put money on it.

Here are the results from Day 2.

Bike Stunt Vert

Well, Jamie Bestwick, who dominated every other event this year was our man to win the bike vert Finals, but as told yesterday, Bestwick injured his elbow during competition and didn't place in the top 10 to go onto finals competition.

He did manage, however, due to his high places in previous stops on the road to the Games, to grab the Hoffman Year End Title belt, so our predictions weren't crazy and unjustified in him winning, just wrong.

It ends up, however, that Simon Tabron would win his first American victory in the X Trials here in Lake Compounce, followed by biking stars, Kevin Robinson and Jay Miron.

Skateboarding Park

As we said, the skateboarding park field is very diverse and varied, and we really never had a prediction for you in the first place.

Dayne Brummett would just barely take the top spot from Pat Channita, who gave two flawless runs also.

Frank Hirata would take third.

Aggressive In-Line Vert

When we said you couldn't go wrong with a Yasutoko, we were right there.

Both brothers, even though Takeshi placed first in prelims and Eito fourth, managed to grab spots two and three on the podium. However, it would be Taig Khris who would take home the top spot.

So, to recap, Day 2 kind of threw all bets off, but hey, its more exciting to be surprised.

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