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June 17, 2001

The fabulous Fabiola and the final Finals

By Mike Nguyen

Well, if you thought Day 2 was jam packed, Day 3 will go out with a bang.

Three more finals are on its way and the last qualifiers for the X Games will be chosen before the big event.

What's on the agenda?

All bicycle stunt park competitions begin today, with prelims earlier in the day and finals in the evening.

Bruce Crisman, the subject of a Xtra profile, said earlier in the weekend, "I'm kind of bummed that we have to wait until tomorrow to do park."

But, he said Bristol's been great and he's excited and ready to compete.

Also up on the agenda is skateboarding vert and inline park, men's and women's.

So, watch out for the fabulous Fabiola and the skateboarder legends and stars as the fun filled X Trials winds to a close.

It's your last chance to get on to national television so get over there quick!

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