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May 8, 2005

-- Movie review --

A lot to love

By Monica Gleberman

Ashton Kutcher has done it again with “A Lot Like Love,” his new film.

The movie feels like a typical “chick flick,” which usually prevents most males from attending. However, this film will make anyone want to see it.

Two characters -- a guy named Oliver (Kutcher) and Emily (Amanda Pete) -- meet up on a flight from Los Angeles to New York . Through of bunch of events, they constantly bump into each other at certain stages of life.

At first sight it seems these two are not fit to be together, however over time you realize they are meant to be.

Many of the songs that air in the film relate to the 1990s time period portrayed. The music that plays during these scenes is good old school songs that were at the top of the billboards.

This film appeals to numerous ages and fans because of the quick wit that Kutcher and Pete display. The actor’s comic timing is truly amazing and just proves that both of these actors are good at their craft.

Among the memorable scenes is one in which Kutcher serenades Pete with a Bon Jovi song.

This film will steal your heart even in the first few seconds.

Both men and women will love this movie because Kutcher and Pete have made one of the best comedies the year.



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