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"The Tattoo kicks ass!" -- Prof. Will Hughes of American International College

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“It is particularly impressive that high schoolers who work on The Tattoo ... consistently win awards, year after year, in competition with professional journalists.”

-- Joanne Nesti, a co-anchor on NBC’s Channel 30 in Hartford


Tattoo writers in El Salvador, Lousiana snag journalism awards

Hurricane writer Samantha Perez wins national award for her Tattoo series


Three dozen Tattoo winners in yearly contest

Samantha Perez and Will Hughes, chairman of American International College's communication department.

Tattoo writer wins national award for stories on Katrina's impact

Student writers garner awards

Teen wins award for stories

Scholastic Press Forum 2006 Winners List



Tattoo writers snag more awards

Bristol Press and The Tattoo capture 17 state journalism awards

The Tattoo named for best young people's coverage

Seven Tattoo writers grab awards from Scholastic Press Forum

Tattoo writer Katie Jordan takes top honor

Press wins two awards in annual SNA contest



Teen journalists with The Tattoo win awards

Tattoo cleans up at Connecticut SPJ contest

Tattoo writer scores national award for Cambodia stories

Teen writers win national contest

Tattoo writer Joe Keo's self-portrait of attending an awards dinner for The Tattoo, May 2004.


Tattoo writers score big in statewide professional journalism contest

The Tattoo "kicked ass" in press contest

Tattoo writers excel in scholastic contest



More honors for The Tattoo

The Bristol Press and The Tattoo garner 16 journalism awards

Two Tattoo writers grab national high school journalism awards

National award handed out to The Tattoo

Ten Tattoo writers garner eight awards for journalism



Tattoo rakes in two first places from professional journalists' group

Tattoo journalists win regional awards



Tattoo cleans up in Quill & Scroll competition

Tattoo takes national awards

Students writers capture journalism awards

Tattoo writers clean up at SPJ contest



Tattoo reporter named Connecticut's best high school sportswriter

Tattoo nabs 5 professional journalism awards from state SPJ

City teen adds top journalist award to list

Tattoo writers scoop up seven Quill & Scroll awards

Four Tattoo journalists win writing prizes from the Scholastic Press Association

Tattoo stars Hila Yosafi, Merissa Mastropiero, Joe Wilbur and Amanda Lehmert on their way to collect awards in 1999.



Tattoo wins Connecticut Society of Professional Journalists Award in Arts & Entertainment writing

Tattoo wins two national high school journalism awards from Quill & Scroll



Tattoo captures Distinguished Service Award from the Connecticut Committee for Youth Suicide Prevention

National Gold Key awards given Tattoo for in-depth journalism

Tattoo nabs second place for in-depth journalism in Connecticut Society of Professional Journalists' annual contest

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