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March 31, 1997

Central's reputation is now on the line

By Collin Seguin
Tattoo Staff Writer

  Two recent sexual harrassment cases at Bristol
Central High School have perhaps ruined the
careers of the accused.  However, the schoolís
reputation might not have suffered, depending on
who you talk to and what you hear.
  Suprisingly enough, it is some of Central's
students who are doing their own questioning.
  Despite strong support for the accused,
especially former Principal Michael Ferry, there
is a bit of uncertainty about just what
reputation their school now has, and a hint of
disgust for the talk that has gone on about the
alleged incidents. 
  Paul Troccolo, a sophomore at Central, told of
"people thinking that all the teachers are sex
offenders and all the students are used."
  Christine Wegner, also a sophomore at Central,
used an analogy to describe the school. 
"Central's reputation is like an elevator whose
cable broke at ground level ≠ it's going to take
something big to get us going again."
  One student, Josh Krampitz, even went as far
to say, "Central's reputation could be saved if
each student were issued a small bulldozer."
  Maybe it doesn't have to go that far.
  A pair of students at Bristol Eastern aren't
ready to bury Central's reputation just yet.  
  Troy Schienkel, a sophomore at Eastern, said
that even though "there are a lot of jokes going
around," that he personally doesn't think the
schoolís image is tarnished.  
  When asked whether she thought Centralís
reputation had suffered, Liz Mellon, another
sophomore at Eastern responded, "No, not
really," adding that there were a lot of stories
going around about the alleged violations.
  Some parents wanted to reserve judgement.
  Debbie Darley of Bristol, who has two
daughters at Central and one at Chippens Hill
Middle School, where Ferry is now working, said,
"He (Ferry) was was fine to them. He's fine at
the middle school. I've heard a couple of sides
of the story. I'm glad that they're looking into
  Other parents didn't want to comment due to
the different stories floating around about just
what happened.  
  What seems to be happening is a lot of
different sides and opinions to a story that
probably won't go away, or at least be settled,
for a good long time.