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September 11, 2000

Boot up the PCs (and hope for the best)

By Sam Yosafi

The Tattoo

Technologically speaking, our schools are finally getting with
the program.

In the fast-moving electronically controlled world today,
schools are finally realizing that teaching kids the basics of
technology is a key element to bringing in tomorrow.

Many schools are now in affiliation with a company named

Zap-Me helps schools by donating about 20 free computers
to them, with a slim price of having advertisements on these

With this extra addition of computers, students can no longer
complain that they don't have a computer when the teacher
asks for something to be typed. Another big plus is that these
computers come with the Internet, and all of the computers
are networked onto a satellite.

I never thought the schools were in tune with today, but now
at least they have the technology.

The one problem is, the teaching staff at the schools doesn't
know a hard drive from a mouse pad. So when something is
wrong with a computer, they can't do anything about it until
they call someone to come and fix the problem.

My advice to people entering high school is, take advantage
of being able to use these computers. You can come in on
almost every day after school to work on something, or
during one of your free periods.

There are plenty of computers to use, and if you have no
other way of getting your reports typed up -- or just going on
the Internet -- your school computers will always be there.