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March 31, 1997

Friday night bowling is big with local teens

Tattoo Staff Writer

  Bowling alleys are crowded these days
≠ crowded with teenagers.
  The sport is regaining its popularity, but
itís not the only reason teenagers come to the
bowling alley on weekends.
  Hanging out at Bristol Ten Pin Friday night
with a group of friends, Jennifer Huntley, a
senior at Bristol Central High School, said,
"Iíve never bowled in my life. Actually, I just
  Will McCreesh, a junior at St. Paul High
School said, "Itís mainly just become a hangout.
If theyíre not bowling theyíre playing video
  Not all teenagers come to the bowling alley
just to socialize. Megan McCreesh, an eighth
grader at St. Anthonyís Grammar School, has been
bowling for six years. Five of those years have
been spent bowling at the Bristol Ten Pin. 
  Will McCreesh and his sister both agree that
the bowling alley is popular with teens. "It
gets busier as the night goes on," says Will.
  For Megan McCreesh, the bowling alley is a
"good place to hang out on Saturday mornings." 
  Mark Glanovsky, manager of Bristol Ten Pin,
says the alley is always crowded.
  Since the New Yearís Eve introduction of
galaxy bowling ≠ with colored lights and rock
and roll tunes ≠ "Itís been mobbed," he said.
  Glanovsky said the one problem that may have
kept people out of the bowling alley in the past
≠ not knowing how to score the game ≠ is now
solved by automatic scoring machines.
  "The machines help them out," he said. "They
enjoy the game more." According to Glanovsky,
most of the teens bowl at night. "Thereís a lot
that hang out, sometimes too many," he said.
  As for teenage smoking at the alley, "We donít
want them smoking here," says Glanovsky. In
fact. Bristol Ten Pin offers a Smoke Free
Saturday from 9-5.
  Teenagers who want to try something new or
socialize with their friends should give bowling
a try.