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July 14, 1997


Chunky Tomato offers a good bite to eat

Tattoo Staff Writer

The Chunky Tomato is a small-looking Bristol
restaurant, so you might miss it.

That would be a mistake, because you would be
missing out on some great food.

The Chunky Tomato, at 457 North Main St., offers
such appetizers as hot wings, baked mozzarella,
and baked potato halves with a variety of
fillings to get you going.

You could also grab some tasty Italian peppers
or a quick salad if you're in a hurry.

If you just want a lunch, they have a wide
variety of hot grinder and pizza choices to keep
your mouth watering.     

The real stars of the restaurant, though, are
the dinners.

The dinners come with a soup if you eat at the
restaurant, or a salad if you're taking your
food home.

The eatery offers some tasty Italian dishes,
such as chicken parmesan, sausage casserole,
spaghetti and ziti. Most are loaded with
delicious tomato sauce, so bring your appetite.

My personal recommendations are the chicken
parmesan and the pizza.

The chicken is tender and juicy, and is
complemented well by a heaping helping of tomato

The pizza has a crisp crust that sets it apart.

So if you're in the mood for something
different, stop by The Chunky Tomato.