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July 1, 2002

Bristol school chief quits

By Joe Keo

After five years at the helm of Bristol’s school system, Superintendent Ann Clark is leaving.

Clark, who earned about $128,000 in Bristol last year, will take a superintendent’s post in Fairfield County, a job that offers a considerable raise.

During her time in Bristol, Clark tried hard to convince city leaders to spend more money on education -- and sometimes she got it.

She pushed for all-day kindergarten to help the city’s children get off to a better start.

A full-day schedule for Bristol’s youngest students would comply with President George W. Bush’s "No Child Left Behind" program, Clark said, and help elementary school kids meet national education standards.

Clark, who told The Tattoo in 1997 that all she wanted for Bristol was "the kind of school system where kids want to be in school," said in June that she enjoyed her time here "very much."

In the 1997 interview, Clark said, "You can always do a better job. Living is about trying to improve things. We have great kids and wonderful teachers.

 She’ll miss the staff and students, Clark said.

Clark said she’s most proud of "hiring great administrators and very dynamic teachers" here in Bristol.

Clark, who said she opted to leave "because it’s a great opportunity for me," starts her new job in Fairfield County today.

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