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September 11, 2000

Danielle goes to pieces for The Tattoo

By Danielle Letourneau

The Tattoo

I am one of the newest members of The Tattoo. I joined less
than a year ago and I have already had one of my articles
published last month.

I found out about The Tattoo in school, where it was posted
in a classroom.

The reason I joined the group is because I love to write and
my teachers say I'm good at it.

I am one of the spunkiest members of the group -- in fact, I
got a certificate especially made for me, the spunkiest

The members say I am funny and can get annoying but that's
the kind of personality I have.

I like to act, snowmobile, play with my friends and play

When I grow up, I want to graduate from college, become a
veterinarian and be one of the first women to pay on a
women's only baseball team.

Letourneau is an eighth grade student at Chippens Hill Middle School.