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September 4, 2000

Do what you like, just get involved

By Hila Yosafi

The Tattoo

Do not say "there’s nothing to do."

You will find something, even if you're not an athlete.

There's band, singing groups, dramas, musicals, math team,
Future Business Leaders of America, Bristol Youth Chamber
of Commerce, Student Council, World Cultures Club, Ski
Club, yearbook -- and, of course, The Tattoo.

From experience I would encourage everyone to join what
appeals to them.
However, be dedicated. It is not advisable to just attend
meetings. Find what you like and stick to it.

Unique to Bristol Eastern is the ‘Magic’ Club, which is an
imaginative, involved card game, the Martial Arts Club, the
environmental club Earthlings, and the Outdoors Club.

Start your own club with your friends if you've seen nothing
you like yet.

The benefits reaped from being involved in clubs or sports
are great. Extracurriculars allow you not only to meet
potential friends with similar interests, but to find what
interests you.

The rewards pay off monetarily in the end as well.

Most scholarships look for the all-around student, who has
participated in extracurricular activities. You will make
connections with grown-ups who can write letters about how
what a wonderful leader or dedicated member you are.

Criteria for induction into honor societies include
involvement in activities.

Some students get in over their heads with their many

I have learned to cut it down and do what you really like.

Of course, there are three seasons of sports for boys and girls
-- freshmen, junior varsity, and varsity. Since practices are
after school every day, it is not possible to dedicate yourself
to after-school clubs, too.

You must pick and choose. But you will discover.