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June 11, 2001

You don't have to take our word on it ...

By Mike Nguyen

"Glory is temporary and pain is forever, so wear your pads," said pro blader Matt Lindenmuth.

"I'd rather have a helmet on my head and be called a dork than not have a helmet on my head and be cool," said top ranking biker Jamie Bestwick. "I always wear one."

"I know many kids hate it," Lindenmuth said, "but just recently at Grand Prairie during practices, I hit my head super hard and without a helmet, I could've suffered some serious head injuries."

"I saw the chunk I took out of my helmet. I really did not want to see that in my skull," Lindenmuth said. Even so, Lindenmuth admits he hasn't always been that careful. "I went through my learning experiences. I wish more kids would wear them."

Pro biker Bruce Crisman said wearing a helmet is "definitely" the right thing to do. "You need it if you're doing extreme sports," he said. Wearing helmets, he said, "sets a good example for kids, too."

"Pads have saved me from a lot of unexpected things. Falls are unexpected. You never know what's gong to happen," said Lindenmuth, who said he loves skating and wants to be able to do it the rest of his life.

"I care about my body," Lindenmuth said. "I'm not out there to ruin it."


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