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By Joe Keo/ The Tattoo


Casting my first ballot

There are certain milestones in life that they say everyone goes through,such as getting your first kiss, your driver’s license and making your first vote. I got my first kiss, I got my license and Tuesday I voted. Click here for story

The bitter truth

Teenagers obviously can’t be trusted to vote in the same way politicians obviously can’t be trusted to run the country. Click here for story

Teens will inherit pain-filled world

Teenager — a word that sends chills down many adults’ spines. Once upon a time, the word meant a person from 13 to 19 years old. But now, teenagers are labeled as hooligans, vandals and all-over bad people. But is this stereotype really fair? Are teenagers truly as bad as adults describe them? We teenagers are people, too. Click here for story

Why Bush deserves to win

The role of president is perhaps the most honorable, respectable, and challenging position in the American society. This is the exact reason why the part of commander in chief should be played by someone who deserves the honor and respect of the American people. George W. Bush is the man for the job. Click here for story


Presidential promises fail to persuade

Voting in the upcoming 2004 presidential election will probably be the most important political decision that people will have to make since, well, the last presidential election. But a lot more is at stake here this time around. Click here for story

Election sickness strikes teen

I’m so bored with the U.S.A. Joe Strummer wrote those words in 1977 in London. Now, here I am, in Toronto, writing the same words 27 years later. Funny how things change. Click here for story

America needs to get a clue

The election is nearly upon us -- one of the most important elections in many years. Does the United States have good candidates? Of course not. Were the conventions well done? Really, no. Click here for story

Focus on America first

It’s time for voters to focus on the future and reject candidates who won’t put America first. Any candidate who finds it necessary to pledge his loyalty to another country should be politely invited to go to that country and run for office there! Click here for story

Flip-flopping liars could kill us

Watching the vice presidential debate, I thought Senator John Edwards looked like a downright fool. Behind his smooth-talking facade is a whole load of outright lies.If you take the time to think on your own, and listen to what John Kerry and his imbecile running mate are actually saying, you will see they have no legs to stand on. Click here for story

Rockers aim guitars at Bush

Aiming to help unseat President George W. Bush, a group of musical artists are voicing their opinions and concerns through a concert tour of the electoral “swing-states” starting Friday. Artists on the Vote for Change tour include Bruce Springsteen, Pearl Jam, James Taylor, Jurassic 5, Bright Eyes, the Dixie Chicks, Babyface, Dave Matthews Band, R.E.M, and many others. Click here for story

Can Nader turn kids onto politics?

Nader hopes to gain votes by tapping into a facet of American voters that both the Democrats and Republicans fail to exploit — younger voters. Nader stands up for many issues that kids can relate to. Click here for story




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