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March 15, 1999

Freshmen get peek at BEHS clubs

The Tattoo

A horde of incoming freshmen, and their parents,
gathered at Bristol Eastern High School one recent
evening to learn more about the school's many extra-
curricular offerings.

The eighth graders, mostly from Northeast and
Chippens Hill middle schools, were introduced to the
many clubs, activities and electives they can choose
from when they come to the school next fall.

Hoping to recruit the newcomers, Eastern students set
up tables advertising their clubs with lots of goodies to
attract the kids -- cookies and lollipops from the
Future Homemakers of America, cheese and bread at
the French club stand, candies and bumper stickers at
others ... or, in the case of the Spanish club, a musical

Seb Scott, a 17-year old senior at Eastern, played a
Spanish tune on his
guitar while Mike Santoro, another senior, sang a
catchy jingle.

Other booths included child development, drama,
pottery, wood tech,
and ski club.

Lauren Robillard, an eighth grader from Chippens Hill,
said she was interested in the ski club and swimming
as well as band. She hopes to be in jazz band next
year, too.
"I'm into the music department," added another
Chippens Hill student, Mark Giblin.

Bethany Dunnett, also from Chippens Hill,  said she's
interested in Strawberry Fields, a show choir.

When asked if she had any hopes or fears about high
school, Dunnett answered, "I'm afraid of talking to
people who are, like, older than me. I'm afraid they
might whoop my butt."

Ty Simms, who ran the Students Against Destructive
Decisions booth, said there were "a lot of kids that
stopped by" during the orientation.

He said the open house is good for incoming students.

 "A lot of guys were more drawn to the sports,"
Simms said. "A lot of parents were
at my table. The girls were drawn to the FHA."

Sports appeared to be the most popular choice.

Landon Barrett of Northeast said he was interested in
both basketball and baseball.

Jamie Ryder said she wants to play soccer and
basketball next year.

Jessica Smith of Chippens Hill hopes to make the
track team and perform in the dance troupe. She said
dance and the French club both sound cool.

But Smith is keeping her eyes open. "There will
probably be a lot more opportunities," she said.

Tom Baranowski, from Northeast, may have to make
his own opportunities.

 "I want a mountain biking club to happen,"
Baranowski said.

Some students are heading for high school with a few
extra anxieties.

Leia Weiss, a 13-year-old from St. Joseph's Catholic
School, said she is entering public school for the first
time next year.

Weiss said she's worried that she may not have
learned everything that other kids were taught in
public school and might be behind in her classes.

Still, she was enthusiastic, and said she was interested
in FHA, the music
club and soccer. "I like soccer," Weiss said.

All in all, it looks as though Eastern's class of 2003 is
going to prove a very involved one.

 "I felt that this eighth grade audience was the most
attentive that we've had in several years," said Roy
Taylor, a Spanish teacher at Eastern. He is also student
activities director.

Tattoo staff writer Merissa Mastropiero contributed to
this story.