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 Tattoo reviews of board and card games 

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Nov. 14, 2005

Nov. 21, 2005
Nov. 28, 2005
Dec. 5, 2005

No comparison


By Zach Brokenrope

Company thinks outside the box

Getting paid for playing around

Ruthless game of gold, greed, power


It's like Scrabble with math, but fun


Ticks like a time bomb

Chicken Soup game made us sick

By Michel Lee/ The Tattoo

Fast, brainy Hoopla a riot


By Joe Keo/ The Tattoo


By Michel Lee/ The Tattoo

Write your own wacky headlines

Furious, fast and wordy fun

So random, it's fun

Points here for poor vision

Beware forbidden words

Who knows all this stuff?

By Justin Skaradosky/ The Tattoo


Truly a pop quiz

Card game gives lots of action


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