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April 5, 1999

-- REVIEW ---

'Futurama' has lots of laugh potential

The Tattoo

After season after season of high ratings, the creators
of "The Simpsons" have come up with a new show.

"Futurama, the new animated comedy, which airs
prime time on Tuesdays has, like "The Simpsons,"
gotten lots of media attention.

The show, set years into the future, is centered around
a young man who has decided to evade his permanent
job assignment. These "job assignments" are required
of everybody -- and a chip implanted into everyone for
life assigns them the job that is best suited for him or

"Futurama" has a good basic plot, and the first episode
left viewers wondering what adventures the main
characters will get into on the next show.

It is also interesting to get other peoples' view on what
life will be like in the future. We see how the writers
imagine people having jobs "assigned" to them instead
of having a free will and everyday objects such as cars
just floating above us mid-air like spaceships.
Although it doesn't possess the laugh-out-loud essence 
of "The Simpsons," "Futurama" does have the
potential to be outright funny  someday, which is a
good sign, because "The Simpsons" had that same
quality when it was starting out.

If this show is anything like "The Simpsons," it will
just keep getting better and better as the writers get
increasingly funnier ideas about what predicaments for
its characters.