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August 29, 2005

Get fit for school

By Edrees Kakar

High school is indeed the most critical and dangerous part of student life. It’s a time when you should embrace sports, study hard and forget about dating.

It is really difficult to keep your life under control during these years because in the teenage years of high school, students are filled with emotions, passions, inspirations and enthusiasms.

We have to be careful in terms of  handling all of our actions within society.

High school years are the time when we start to make our own future. They are the time when we must get our minds focused on our studies.

To be successful during your high school years, you must have a very friendly relationship with your teachers and classmates.

You should encourage your friends to study together in a group, which could turn out to be a great benefit for you.

I also recommend collecting information from different geographical places when you’re on vacation and then have study tours with your group.

Participating in sports in high school is an intelligent idea because sports always teaches us. It also helps by calming our minds and keeping us healthy, fresh and fit for school.

If you’re taking part in sports, chances are you won’t fall ill and have to be out sick from school, either.

The important thing that we should avoid during high school is dating because it’s not the time in life for it. It’s only wasting your time.

There’s no need to leave your lessons and go searching for dates because one day after high school you will find the right person for you.

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