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April 8, 2002

-- Opinion --

Green for golfers or water to drink?

By Danielle Letourneau

Letters from the Bristol Water Department usually say something like: "Dear customer, Please conserve your water because at the time we are in a middle of a drought."

That means donít water your gardens, take shorter showers and try not to flush the toilet much.

And weíre not supposed to use sprinklers either.

But have you ever thought how much water the golf courses use? They water their lawns constantly so that they are green.

Yet you don't need to golf on green grass. Itís just a luxury.

If you are a golfer and you don't want to play on brown grass, then don't play!

The cityís reservoirs are half empty and people are already talking about big summertime restrictions so that we donít run out of water for drinking, bathing and other necessities.

Why should stupid golf courses water their lawns when nobody else can?

Everyone should have the same restrictions, including golf courses.

If things get worse and we run out of water, weíre going to feel pretty stupid that we let the golf courses use so much of it so that people could putt on green grass.

So to make the future better and to lessen the chance of us losing all of our water, let's stop the golf courses from watering their lawns now.