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September 3, 2001

-- Opinion --

Good luck, freshmen

 By Cassie Nowak

Becoming a freshman is one of the most challenging events in life.

First, you have to go through choosing classes and orientation. Then comes the pressure and anxiety of starting school and making sure you get good grades to help get scholarships for college.

For me, I think high school is going to be an exciting experience, an event that I wouldn't miss for the world.

I'm sure that most freshmen are extremely excited to start school, make new friends, and -- even if they don't want to admit it -- are happy that they are starting a whole new school that may be different from the one they just left.

As I start my high school career, I would like to say good luck to all the new freshmen and I hope they have great times and a fulfilling education in the next four years!

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