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July 14, 1997

Compounce off to a good start

Tattoo Staff Writers

Lake Compounce has added a bunch of new rides,
but it's going to have to do a lot more if it
wants to attract teenagers.

The park has made a good start, though.

One of the more popular new rides is the
Zoomerang, a fast-paced looping roller coaster.

In a very short time you go forward and
backward, experiencing a series of twists and
turns at a high speed.

Standing in line, it looks intimidating. But
it's not nearly as frightening as it looks.
Another new ride, the Top Spin, is the best new
addition to the park.

It is also the most nauseating.

While restrained to the point that you cannot
move, you are flipped, twirled and swung in a
different pattern every time.

A previously unused clump of land at the park
features two new rides and a new mode of
transportation to get there.
An authentic trolley car special to Lake
Compounce takes people the short distance to the
rides set apart from the rest of the park.

The Sky Ride hauls people slowly up the side of
a mountain in a ski-lift type metal bench.

The view is impressive, however the ride is long
and not particular thrilling, unless you are
afraid of heights.In this case you are terrified
the entire ride, more than any roller coaster
we've ever encountered.
Feeling hot?

Visit the second attraction in this obscure
location, the Thunder River Raft Ride.

While secured in a circular raft, you bounce
along a cement path, being splashed and
eventually becoming soaked by the man-made

Though the new additions are a lure to attract
new customers, some of the older attractions are
still worth riding.
The Enterprise is like an improved Ferris wheel
on a slanted scale.

It begins with a spinning circle of individual
cars.  Slowly the entire circle lifts into the
air, sending it into an upright position and
putting the passengers upside down.
The Big Splash is Lake Compounce's version of
the ever-popular log ride. It stands apart from
other log rides with such differences as a
steeper hill and a slightly longer ride through
some woods.

Still in existence is the Wildcat, Lake
Compounce's old wooden roller coaster.
Compounce also features typical amusement park
rides including a Ferris wheel, wave swinger,
scrambler, bumper cars and a carousel.

While these rides are exciting, they are
excessively ugly.

The color scheme at the park is horrendous, with
combinations like turquoise, cobalt blue and
fire engine red.

It doesn't make a difference to the ride, but it
should be noted that there are numerous eyesores
throughout the park. They could be improved by
matching colors instead of letting a color blind
painter have his way.
If you expect to spend a day at the park, expect
to pay a small fortune for food. The individual
item prices aren't bad but they quickly add up.

But as far as amusement parks go, the food is

At any point during an excursion to the park you
might meet Boomer, the usually mute

Boomer is a clown who strolls around the park in
his oversized shoes and painted-on face, tapping
people on the shoulder and making little kids

If your expectations aren't too high when you
head to the park, you'll wind up smiling, too.
Tattoo staff writers Courtney Pendleton and Hila
Yosafi contributed to this story.

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