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July 23, 2007


-- Essay --

From schoolwork to obsession


By Danielle Letourneau


The addiction, the craze, the magic! To think I almost missed out on all of it is as crazy as the Harry Potter madness itself.

I am one of your typical Harry Potter fans, something I never thought I would become.

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The first day I was introduced to Harry Potter, I was a seventh grader and 12 years old. I absolutely loved to read, though there were books I refused to read or disliked. Harry Potter happened to be one of them.

But as a reading assignment for English class, I was told to read the first book in the Harry Potter series: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

I was furious, because for some unknown reason – I have no idea to this day why – I did not want to read Harry Potter and I was being forced to. So, of course, being the goody two shoes that I was, I started to read it.

To my surprise, once I was into the first chapter, I realized that I couldn’t stop. The uncontrollable Harry Potter virus had taken over my mind and body.

I kept reading and reading until the book was finished. It was an amazing book and I surprised myself by reading the rest in the series that were published at the time and counted down the days until each new book came out.

I became a Harry Potter fan. I saw every movie and read every book in the series.

If you asked me anything about Harry Potter, I would know it. When the movies started coming out, I saw every one. When a new book came out, I read it.

Now, as book seven comes out, I am thrilled. Luckily, I got my book at midnight Friday without waiting more than a minute and I can’t wait to find out what adventures Harry will conquer this year. It may be the last book, everyone says, but it is exciting!

While I grew up with Harry Potter, I do wish I was younger when the whole madness started so that I could participate in all these parties and activities without feeling so old.

It is a perfect book for all ages, something children can read and use their imaginations to create all sorts of magical fantasies that Harry Potter brings to the page.

J.K. Rowling is a truly gifted author, and for once, I am glad I had that assignment in middle school, or I wouldn’t be sitting here with my brand spanking new copy of book seven.

Accio, Harry Potter!

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