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July 14, 1997

The Tattoo

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Hidden rides are worth finding

Tattoo Staff Writer

Among the newer attractions at Lake Compounce
are a series of rides set away from the
rest,nestled between South Mountain and the

These seem popular, though it isn't easy to
stumble upon them. You really have to look for

An old-fashioned trolley located near the
miniature golf course begins the trio of new

This trolley car is authentic, on lease from the
Shoreline Trolley Museum. It is complete with
antique product advertisements for goods such as
Lifebuoy soap, Heinz spaghetti, the Yellow Pages
and Arrow shirts.

The trolley takes you on a short, leisurely ride
past the lake. And with the toot of a genuine
trolley horn, it'll drop you off beside the
other two rides.
The first of these new rides is called the Sky

It resembles a ski lift, but on a larger scale.
You sit in a metal bench with a bar over your
lap, and hover from a cable overhead as you are
led up the mountainside to an incredible height.
This is not a ride of speed or action, but gives
an incredible view, along with a thrill of its
very own.

Dangling high above the hillside, you aren't as
constrained as on other rides. It seems like you
could fall out.

The Sky Ride may not be as fast as the roller
coasters, but comes with far more restrictions.
Along with the basic warnings of regular rides,
it comes with a unique set of cautions. Signs
point out that this is not a ride for those who
fear heights.

One says, "In the unlikely event of a chair lift
evacuation, you must be in good enough physical
condition to climb rugged mountain terrain. If
you are unwilling or unable to do so, we 
suggest not to ride this attraction."

If that in itself isn't daring, I don't know
what is.

On a less frightful note, the third attraction
is the Thunder River Raft Ride.

It is sort of like a modern day log ride, with a
little more spontaneity.

Up to eight people are loaded into a circular
raft, complete with seats and safety belts. Then
you are given the thumbs up and are on the move.

Dropped into a stream of fast-moving water,
filled with synthetic rapids, you are on your

You turn and spin your way down a cement river,
getting a few more passengers soaked with every
rapid encountered.

Some people come away barely wet, but most get
completely soaked with one trip. It all depends
on the currents.

So don't get so swept up elsewhere in the park
that you miss this new section entirely.


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