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May 10, 1999

--- REVIEW ---

Hole's 'Celebrity Skin' was worth the wait

The Tattoo

After years of taking in 1994's release of 'Live
Through This,' Hole fans finally have another album to
buy. 'Celebrity Skin' is the band's newest contribution
to the world of music. 

While it carries many of the qualities that define
Hole's music, there are definite differences between it
and the band's other albums.
Courtney Love delivers her characteristic throaty
yelling and drawn out singing. She also takes credit
for all the lyrics. 

Hitting you with statements like "they know how to
break all the girls like you and they rob the souls of
the girls like you" is something to expect from her. In
this respect, the strength and anger of previous songs
are paralleled.
If you flip through the CD booklet, you'll notice that
there were significant contributions by people outside
of the band. Credit is given to Corgan, Caffey, and

Only half of the songs were written without the aid of
one or two of the three contributors noted.
This is very unlike Live Through This, where all but
one song was written by Hole alone.
Also, there are less hard guitar bits and rough edges to
the music.
All in all, the album is a little more mature than their
last release. There is slightly less screaming and
swearing. There is more melody and recognizable
It is still a very powerful collection of songs.  With
statements like "love hates you"  and "this world is a
war" I think Celebrity Skin lives up to the slap in the
face tendency of Hole's music.