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The Insider's Guide to High School

-- 24 issues of advice from those who know --



 The Tattoo's award-winning compilation of tips for surviving and thriving in high school


Take what interests you and try to do well. But don't fret too much over grades.
AP classes could be your ticket to college 
Learn to type 
PE stands for 'painful experience' 

  Cheating: pro and con

Taking classes in my pajamas


Everything you always wanted to know about...
Cartoon about freshman boys 
Bling improves school uniforms


A warm and friendly smile will make a perfect first impression for any teacher, no matter how mischievous or drunk you may be. 
Will your teachers like you? 
Get a teacher on your side

Find your own path


Friends make high school


Don't sweat how popular you are or how people feel about you. When it's all said and done, none of this will mean a thing.
Attitude 101 
It does actually matter!
Being the same is oh, so lame 
Join in, but be yourself
Learn to stand up to a bully
Try new things

Freshman journal

Journal #1

Journal #2

Being the new foreign kid



Starting high school is tough. Here's some encouragement from those who have been there.
Freshmen fears revealed 
Beware the second day of school  
Everyone gets lost and other truths 
Freshman primer
The horrible first day that wasn't
How to survive first day syndrome
It ain't like the movies

Use care in building your high school resume



Our guidance? Be wary of counselors.
Guide yourself or be misguided 
Don't get lost in the system

Five survival tips

Surviving extracurriculars

Make the most of your junior year

Fill in the blanks





Chicken nuggets, chicken patties, grilled chicken,
chicken fingers -- if they can put chicken in it, they do.

Lunch: the joy of chicken

I Love Cafeteria Food

Claim your table and save me a seat

Last one sitting

Learning to love lumpy mash

Victory over vending machines

Students in Kuwait.


It's not what you know, kid, it's all about who you know

Boarding school isn't what you think

The bridge over River High School

The truth about Freshman Kill Day


By Joe Keo/ The Tattoo

Click here for First Day of School cartoon

Riding the bus 
So you're going to high school. But how are you getting
there? A number of you will be lucky enough to know
someone with a car, a fortunate few will be close enough to
walk. The rest of you, the sorriest lot, will find yourself at
the corner, in the piercing cold, shoes soggy, ears  frozen

If you can find any way to avoid becoming a mass
commuter, do it.
Click here for more
Why you should drive to school

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As I look back on the last four years, I am filled with a silly
sort of nostalgia one never imagines he'll have about the high
school experience. I remember lessons I've learned that have
nothing to do with parabolas or the five paragraph essay, the
scientific method or obscure foreign verb tenses.
The most important lessons I've learned --- those I'll take
with me farthest and longest, have been practical lessons:
assume nothing, don't compromise, take responsibility, DO
NOT procrastinate.
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When I went to the Bristol Central High School freshman orientation last week, I didn’t learn anything useful except which of my friends are on my team and that the soda at Central tastes kind of funky. 
Click here for story

Hey sis, which way to my locker?


Okay, let's be honest here. The bathroom is something that
we all need to use once in a while.

Flush away your bathroom fear



Be free, but not too much

Don't abuse your freedom



Click Here

• Fast facts for freaked out freshmen
Dating: All you ever wanted to know about girls and guys
Cliques: A world of fierce divisions
Counselors: Don't get lost in the system

• Beware the 2d day
Impress teachers: A friendly, earnest smile
Avoid the bus: Don't get soggy

• Gym: PE - 'Painful Experience'


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Advice you won't take, but should

Don't make your life an after school special


Don't be road kill when you go to high school! Read The Insider's Guide!

Fast facts for freaked out freshmen

To get the most out of high school, crack your shell

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Some other topics to consider
Do what you like, just get involved

Be proactive

Want friends? Try sports

Must-have books for high school

My freshman love affair with The Wall

Enduring the summer book list

Playing the sports game

Hallway hazards: zombies and love bugs

Taking the stage when the spotlight is on you

Worse than shopping with your mother

Unlocking the mystery of school lockers

What you can do with all that stuff

Boot up and hope for the best

A choice matters

When home is your school

From torment to terrific

Brotherly words of wisdom

Get fit for school

Something from hell on my face

Time for back to school supplies

My love: reading

One girl surviving on an island of boys

Leaving high school behind? How to cope at college

Rising freshmen in Aurora, Nebraska, 2004.


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