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September 3, 2007


-- Insider's Guide to High School --

Find your passion and follow it

By Donicea Johnson

In high school there are many clubs to choose from, and there's just about one for every student. Whether you’re into photography, books, writing, science, or business, I'm sure you'll find one.

For me, it was hard to choose which clubs I would join and which I wouldn't, but by sophomore year, I got it right. That year I joined the Future Business Leaders of America, and it's been great. Through FBLA I've met new people and gone places I might not have without the club.

Now that I'm a junior, I plan to be more active in the club than I ever was before.

I've even realized that not only is it fun being in a club but it also gives you experience, opportunities and colleges like it.

So just remember, you might not find a club that suites you right away – it’s a trial and error process – but you've got four years to get it right.

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