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March 28, 2004

-- Opinion --

Bush's illegal war

By John Elfed Hughes

Back in March 2003, President Bush decided to fight a war which breached international law. This illegal war was wrong.

It doesn't seem the United Nations is being taken seriously.

Bush launched a war to destroy Saddam's brutal regime in which thousands were massacred without its backing.

In Britain , former Labour MP Robin Cook quit because he disapproved of the war.

He was part of a worldwide trend that saw millions march in a massive, global anti-war protest.

Yet, Bush did little listening, either to the rest of the world or his own people, who will decide his fate in the upcoming presidential election, which will decide whether he will survive as president for a second term.

It's clear that Bush hasn't helped the situation in Iraq much since the war began.

Suicide bombings are almost a daily occurrence in Iraq -- and in fact the situation is worse now than it was when Saddam was in power.

Yes, it is true that Saddam killed thousands of his own people, but Bush has substituted a new problem: terrorists who attack without mercy or warning, killing hundreds.

Their mayhem was most prominently demonstrated in two simultaneous attacks in Baghdad and Karbala on the holiest day in the Shi’a calendar. More than 150 people were massacred, truly a blood bath.

Now many people are asking whether Bush did enough to secure the highly unstable country.

If the violence does not end then Bush will find himself in hot water, because the longer American troops are in Iraq , the more unstable the country becomes.

This has been demonstrated from the growing severity and frequency of attacks.

At present the situation is a complete mess. However, a few of the most wanted terrorists have been caught, such as Saddam Hussein and his sons, but this has provoked anger amongst the people of Iraq and extremists who supported these brutal regimes.

The atrocities of September 11, 2001 lead to the awareness that terrorism was a new war.

On the day of the attacks, supporters of the terrorists chanted 'Allah is our God' and demonstrated in favor of the worst atrocity of our time.

This sick support of heartless murder established the need for the world to take action.

But I don't believe we had to use force against Iraq .

Iraq remains locked in a bloody war, with no end in sight. Helicopters are blown up, soldiers gunned down and the Iraqi people are angry their country is controlled by outsiders while suicide bombers strike unhindered.

Independent studies have shown that up to 10,000 Iraqis have been killed since the war last spring, a figure that’s almost three times the death total in the Gulf War.

Many of these deaths could have been prevented with better security methods. Surely Bush could have provided tougher security with his billions.

To regain the trust of the Iraqi people and the world, Bush has to change.

Though action against terrorism is required, Bush needs to listen to the American people and hold a public debate on his policies.

Moreover, Bush cannot ignore the children and teenagers of the world, because they’re the future generation -- and they care about their democracy.  

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