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September 2, 2005

-- Journal --

Wine and celebration

By Samantha Perez

Friday Ė Bossier City, Louisiana (5:24 p.m. ) -- 

I was accepted!

Iím now a senior at the Louisiana School for Math, Science, and the Arts. I move into a dorm on Sunday and my schedule will be made on Monday. Then, on Tuesday, classes will start.

Iím so nervous. Itís like college: the schedule, the dorms, the atmosphere. Seventy percent  of the teachers have PhDs. I canít believe it. Iím scared I wonít be good enough. Everyoneís so much smarter than I am. I know it. I was second in my class at home, but this is so much bigger Ė and better? Iím scared that I wonít be able to make up what Iíve missed, that it will be too hard. I hope not. Iím nervous!

I met so many nice people in the schoolís office today. They were all helpful because they know we donít have a home anymore. They pursed their lips like the world does, one nod, deep and over-exaggerated. They donít understand. Not really. See, when their days are over, they head to their homes, where everything is the same for them: lovely brown carpet beneath their bare feet and pretty pink dresses hanging in their closets.

I already know that the other students are so much better than I am. Iím scared I wonít be okay. I miss my friends. I have the feeling that everyone is going to be smarter and richer than I am. Iím nervous and I miss my old school, but Iím excited about starting again. I just hope I fit in.

Iím nervous about the dorm, though. I know I canít sleep around other people, as hard as I try. Iím so sorry about it, but I canít help it. I hope I donít have a roommate. I know I wonít be able to sleep.

But, hey, wine and celebration ó I get to finish school!

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