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September 3, 2005

-- Journal --

Let me go home

By Samantha Perez

Saturday – Provencal, Louisiana (10:30 p.m.) -- 

A wasp in the shower. Scared of bees. Buzz, buzz. Toilet broke. Gurgle, buzz, buzz. Dirt on the floor. And the water once came from a well. Can I please go home now? Please? I don’t want this anymore. I don’t belong here. Everyone knows it. I wasn’t made for this! Let me go home. Please, bring me back to the water, to the river, to the canals. Bring me back to the marsh where I belong, where my family lives down the street, not across the country. Bring me back home, please. Please. I want home.

Parents are back from the Far Away House. Spaghetti taste on their tongue. Wipe away tears that I won’t let fall. Wipe away. Buzz, buzz, gurgle from the bathroom. Can’t let it show.

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