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April 26, 1999

--- OPINION ---

It could have been anyone

The Tattoo

Just flipping through the channels, waiting for "The
Simpsons" to start, I came across CNN, and the horri-
ble story of the Denver area high school shooting, and
the unbelievable stories of the students who actually
witnessed it happen.

I sat there, glued to the television, unable to change
the channel or walk away from this story.

The time for "The Simpsons" came, and yet I still
couldn't turn away. This was a situation too real, too
close to home to imagine, and it was unfolding, right
before my eyes.

My first thought was, "How unreal!  This doesn't seem
possible, it seems like something from a movie."

Throughout the telecast, the camera would periodically
pan out over the whole area that encompassed the high
school. The area looked just like the neighborhood
where I live, the school looked just like any other
school. The kids looked just like kids I know in
school, kids whom I am friends with.

Suddenly, Colorado seemed a whole lot like
Connecticut.  That was the most disturbing part for
me. It was not so unreal anymore, and the situation
didn't seem so much like a movie anymore.
No, I don't know anyone from Littleton, even from
Colorado. However, this story still hit me hard, still
was an emotional one.

It could have happened in Bristol, at Bristol Central, to
me. I could have been one of the students who was
trapped inside the school. It could have been one of
my friends who was lying injured or dead on the cold
school floors. No one should feel too far away from
what happened. 

It could have been me. It could have been any one of

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