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June 4, 2001

Lehmert's talents helped shape Tattoo

By Amanda Lehmert

I miss three things about Bristol, Conn (in random order): 

  1. My cat
  2. The chicken with broccoli at the Golden Pagoda
  3. The Tattoo

If the big bad world of college journalism has taught me anything, it is that one should appreciate talented and dedicated editors and fellow journalists when they are around.

As much as I love Emerson College and the fine city of Boston, I sometimes wish I was back in Bristol writing about skateboarders.

I would hand over my general managerís title at The Berkeley Beacon (thatís my college newspaper) if I could go back to the days of writing movie reviews and slamming high school principals.

I would return the $1,500 scholarship I just received (thank you Connecticut Society of Professional Journalists) if I could spend just one more week back in high school, living in Bristol and writing for The Tattoo.

Okay, maybe not. Boston wins over Bristol hands down.

But getting to Boston --- via The Tattoo -- was half of the fun.

Amanda Lehmert is a junior print journalism major at Emerson College in Boston, MA. She won numerous awards for her work with The Tattoo, including 1999 Connecticut High School Journalist of the Year. Her work included reviews and commentary in addition to in-depth and investigative projects on topics such as teen suicide and school violence.

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