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The Tattoo

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February 15, 1999

--- 10th in a Series ---

Peeking behind the contractor's wall

Thursday, Dec. 17, 1999
Every day I pass by the large, gray barrier
walls the construction workers have placed,
blocking off two of our second floor hallways
and one of the first floor halls without a second
thought.  It's just another part of our lives. But
today a construction worker left one open for a
few minutes.  And of course I couldn't resist
taking a quick peek, and I have to say I was
more than a little disappointed.  With all the
commotion that comes from those halls you'd
expect to see the "Promised Land," or at least a
small improvement from the halls that are
available.  But all I saw was a hallway even
worse-looking than the one I was walking
down. I guess I shouldn't expect any more than
that for a long time.
-- Suzanne Gregorczyk, freshman, Bristol
Central High School

Wednesday, Jan. 6, 1999
Today in film study we watched "Butch
Cassidy & The Sundance Kid." Construction
had already caused us to turn the volume all
the way up. Okay so we're sitting there and the
most famous part of the movie comes up.  So
of course the din from the construction reaches
an all-time high. I missed everything that was
said! I also missed most of the movie because I
couldn't hear.  Oh,  why couldn't the noise
have disrupted English or Chemistry.
--Leslie Marshall, junior, Bristol Eastern High

Wednesday, Jan. 6, 1999
Over the past few months, construction at
Eastern has continued at an agonizingly slow
pace.  Deadlines, deadlines... first
Thanksgiving, then Christmas, now who
knows?  Where will it end?  More importantly

We've all become used to the sights, sounds,
and yes, even smells of the renovations. It's
started to blend into the background, as most
things do. Despite the inconvenience and fear
of asbestos, the construction will continue for a
very long time, and although we can't do
anything about it, this too will pass.  The dust
isn't quite ready to settle yet, so we might as
well get used to it.
--Chantelle Garzone, sophomore, Bristol
Eastern High School

Monday, Jan. 11, 1999
About a week ago all students who attend
Central received in the mail the latest issue of
"BC Link," the school's bulletin.  It reported on
how the construction had finished Phase One,
and was ready for the next.  It gave no
information as to what has actually occurred
inside those hidden hallways. But they do
assure us that we'll all have to get used to a
new obstacle course of halls once the corridors
have opened.  All any of us know for sure is
that they dug a hole so large that you could
actually see into the usually buried basement. 
Soon after, they filled in the hole which made
it look exactly the same as it did before we had
a month with a moat to welcome you to Bristol
Central with.  I think many of us would mind
these eyesores and inconveniences less if the
school would take the time to explain them to
us.  We would be much more content with the
huge dirt piles and overcrowded halls if maybe
BC Link or anyone else would tell us what's
going on with the work instead of simply
reassuring us that, "breath safety checks will
-- Suzanne Gregorczyk, freshman, Bristol
Central High School

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