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October 19, 1998

Construction: the land of Oz

-- Fifth in a Series --

Wed., Sept. 30, 1998
I'm sitting in class and I hear a 'thud' so
incredibly loud that
I am sure if I look out the window the sky will
be falling. And I can't help but think that
somewhere in this building, a house has just
fallen on my sister. 
 -- Amanda Lehmert, senior, Bristol Central High

Wed., Sept. 30, 1998
I couldn't think in history today.  My head was
pounding and it wasn't from the cold I'm coming
down with.  No, it was from all the that
terrible clanging coming from the direction of
the construction.  The sound echoed in my ears
and bounced of the walls.  I almost couldn't
stand it anymore!  But finally, it stopped.  I
was rejoicing!  Now maybe I could think
straight.  I finished up what I was working on
and put my head down on my desk, hoping to catch
up on some of the ZZZs that I missed last night.

But as soon as I got comfortable, the banging
started again.  I sighed and thought: "Will it
ever stop?"

Well, the answer to that question is yes, but
not before I'm long gone.
-- Liz Tinker, freshman, Bristol Eastern High

Friday, Oct. 2, 1998
Sure it's a nuisance, but I can take all the
noise. I have even learned to live with taking a
roundabout way to class. And the fact that one
of the bathrooms doesn't have running water for
the sinks is a thing I can work around. But
today was the last straw: these hard hat bullies
bagged up the last openly available water
fountain in the whole school.

This is an atrocity! It is unthinkable that a
person should have to go a large part of the day
inhaling fine construction dust into her lungs,
and not be able to wash it down with a
refreshingly cool drink from a fountain. What
has this school come to?

They may as well just turn off the electricity,
send the teachers home, and take away my books,
because I cannot work like this.
-- Amanda Lehmert, senior, Bristol Central High

Friday, Oct. 2, 1998
12:10.  Finally.  After sitting through an hour
and a half of my English substitute babbling
about Edgar Allan Poe's "The Cask of
Amontillado" I was definitely ready for lunch. 
The bell rings, and I'm walking down the hall
with my friend, talking about the varsity
football game that night.  The conversation
stops and I'm looking in front of me.  All of a
sudden a panel from the hallway ceiling slips
out of its place above us and lands on the
head of the girl right in front of me.  It
doesn't hit her too hard, but it did hit her. 
She brushes it off and keeps on walking.  Life
goes on. No one cares. Later I talk to a friend
about what happened. He told me about how
earlier in the day he had almost got hit with a
clump of wires. Well, all I can think is, has it
come to this, where we're getting hit with
objects falling from the ceiling when we're in
-- Suzanne Gregorczyk, freshman, Bristol Central
High School 

Monday, Oct. 5, 1998
So there I was in first period daydreaming about
my knight in shining armor, when I was rudely
interrupted by a loud thump. Needless to say it
was the construction. I looked up sharply,
noticed that my nails needed to be done and then
settled back into my daydream. Once again I was
caught off guard. One time is enough but twice
is to much. There you have it, life under
construction is extremely hard when you are
trying to fantasizing.
-- Shaunte Miller-Ligon, freshman, Bristol Eastern
High School

Wed., Oct. 7, 1998
Today I stood in the rain with dozens of other
sleepy eyed, slow moving second period students,
wondering what was really going on. A fire drill
at 9 A.M., in the rain, for no apparent reason.
Rumors buzzed within the small crowds of
similarly dressed students that it was all about
the renovations. The work had somehow found a
fire alarm. No, I thought, it couldn't be that
simple. Inconvenient, sure, but no, not this. I
was sure there was some other explanation. I was
wrong, but then, I often am....
-- Joe Wilbur, junior, Bristol Eastern High

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