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July 7, 2005

-- Opinion --

War comes to London, but doesn't need to spread

By Wesley David Fane

Today isn't such a good day.

It was supposed to be an exciting day because I'm supposed to leave for New Mexico for a two week hike in the wilderness.

Now I'm not feeling so sure about what I will come back to in a fortnight.

I just found out about the London attacks.

It's horrifying to see a picture of a bus torn to bits in a country you've always thought of as a safe happy place.

I thought the protestors at the beginning of the G8 summit yesterday were a little violent for Britain . But this is too much.

This attack could not have come at a worse time for U.S. and global politics.

Not only are we, as a country, struggling in Iraq ...

Hell, they just said on the news that Al-Qaeda in Iraq killed Egypt ’s top diplomat there.

Things are just starting to calm down in the States from 9/11.

Now this.

Now things have hit closer to home for Europe , where it’s been mostly peaceful during the Iraq War.

Though we should never have gone in with military force into Iraq , the attack in London might just give Bush the oomph he needs too push the European Union into helping him finish a fight he should have never started.

I'm afraid, too, that the G8 conference, which was supposed to be focused on debt relief for millions of Africans, will turn into another roundup of fighters in the "War on Terror."

I hope that Europe stays true to the idea of peace. We don't need anything more.

The world has already hit a bottom in terms of humanity.

I just hope our friends across the pond won't be blinded by anger like we were after 9/11.

People should not act drastically just because they have been attacked.

That's why we went to Iraq, which is big American punching bag.

I just pray that more nations don't take up our unhealthy release of frustration.

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