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May 10, 1999

--- REVIEW ---

Brave new world and Keanu, too

The Tattoo

Are you into computers? Do you enjoy pushing the
limits of the imagination? Are you somewhat paranoid
that the entire universe is really a shadow of
something much darker?

Well, then you've got a few problems.

But the new Keanu Reeves sci-fi flick, The Matrix, is
sure to tantalize the masses (even if you're not a evil,
er, misguided genius).

Bursting with technological wizardry and fast-paced
action sequences, The Matrix exceeds the standards for
today's cinema.

Computer-generated graphics shock and amaze even
the most skeptical of viewers, while Keanu gives a
stunning performance as Neo,  the chosen one.

Uh, uh, uh ... I'm afraid I can't tell all there is to know
about this movie, you'll just have to see it for yourself.

I will say this, The Matrix gives a blunt view on the
possibility of a grim future for mankind, if continued
on its present course.

So check out The Matrix before it leaves the theaters -
- if for no other reason, there's always Keanu.